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Andrés Felipe Solano is a novelist and journalist. He is the author of the novels Sálvame, Joe Louis (Save Me, Joe Louis, Alfaguara, 2007) and Los hermanos Cuervo (The Crow Brothers, Alfaguara 2012). He has written for many different publications including SoHo, Arcadia, Gatopardo (Mexico), La Tercera (Chile), Babelia-El País (Spain), Granta (Spain, United Kingdom), The New York Times Magazine and Words Without Borders (United States).

In 2008 he was a finalist for the Fundación Nuevo Periodismo Iberoamericano Prize, organized by the institution presided over by Gabriel Garcia Marquéz, for his report “Six Months on the Minimum Wage”, which was included in Lo mejor del periodismo en América Latina (The Best Journalism in Latin America, FNPI-FCE, 2009) and Antología de crónica latinoamericana actual (Anthology of Contemporary Latin American Reportage, Alfaguara, 2012). In 2016, he wins the Library Colombian Narrative prize for his work Korea: Notes from a Tightrope (Ediciones Universidad Diego Portales, 2015).

Andrés Felipe Solano is one of the best young Spanish-language authors according to GRANTA selection.

Selected by the Fundación Nuevo Periodismo, presided by Gabriel García Márquez, as one of the Nuevos Cronistas de Indias.

English interview with McSweeney's (March, 2014)

Review of Granta in Japan Times

"Readers in search of the next Haruki Murakami may be surprised

to discover that the most obvious candidate here is actually from Colombia.

Andres Felipe Solano's "Pig Skin" is a tantalizing morsel of existential noir:

deft and deliciously quirky (...)"

Hames Hadfield, THE JAPAN TIMES

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By Andrés Felipe Solano

  • Neon cemeteries

    NOVEL, 2016

    Salgado is a listless wanderer of the streets of Seoul until his uncle, a former captain in the Korean War who went missing seven years ago, intrudes upon his desultory existence asking for help:...

  • Korea: Notes from the Edge

    CHRONICLE, 2015

    LIBRARY  COLOMBIAN NARRATIVE FIRST PRIZE From the moment he arrived in Seoul, Andrés Felipe Solano started to take notes and photographs, forcing himself to experience...

  • Minimum Wage

    CHRONICLE, 2015.

    In 2007, Andrés Felipe Solano decided to give up his comfortable life as a relatively well-off journalist and live for six months under a false identity as a worker in the city of...

  • The Cuervo Brothers

    NOVEL, 2012

    A pair of charismatic brothers. An imposing grandmother. An intruder. A cyclist in decline. A fugitive woman. All are pretty strange, all are familiar with disaster and all their fates are tied to...

  • Save Me, Joe Louis

    NOVEL, 2007

    Boris Manrique spends his days in the editorial department of the mediocre Bogota magazine Remote Control, where, in addition to being a society photographer, he has the misfortune of being...

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