Carla Guelfenbein

CHILE, 1959

She studied biology at Essex University and design at the St. Martin’s School of Art in London. She worked as a designer at various advertising agencies, she was also an art director and editor of the fashion magazine Elle. Her stories have appeared in different publications, among them the newspapers El País and El Mercurio. Her first novel, El revés del alma (The Other Side of the Soul), was published in Spain and Latin America, with nine editions to date. La mujer de mi vida (The Woman of My Life) has been translated into fourteen languages and published by some of the most prestigious publishing houses in Europe, and was favorably received by readers and critics alike.

"As Carla Guelfenbein demonstrates in this intricately woven novel, the pursuit of individual fulfilment and happiness can lead ineluctably to tragedy. Subtle, clearsighted, and compassionate."


© Julio Donoso

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By Carla Guelfenbein

  • Swimming naked

    NOVEL, 2012

  • The Rest Is Silence

    NOVEL, 2008

    Tommy is twelve years old, is as tall as a child of eight, and has a bad heart. Recording the conversations of adults, he learns that his mother did not die of an illness, as he had been told, but...

  • The Woman of My Life

    NOVEL, 2006

    A friendship that turns out to be a love triangle full of love, misunderstandings, betrayals and hope. Written through the voice of a man and alternated with Clara's diary, Guelfenbein tells a...

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