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He started out as a playwright and script writer, beginning his career as a novelist in 2004. His first novel La aguja en el pajar (Needle in a Haystack, 2006) was a finalist for the Clarín-Alfaguara Novel Prize, in 2004, and received the Silverio Cañada Memorial Prize, given during the Noir Week festival held in Gijón. Belonging to the detective genre, Mallo’s novels, while works of fiction, are always grounded in precise historical moments

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"A vivid and compelling picture of a society riven by corruption, social breakdown,

and casual brutality. A pacy, intense, and thought-provoking read."



"Martin Cruz Smith and Philip Kerr fans will be rewarded."



"A gritty, painful portrait of a dystopian culture spinning further and further

out of control. A compelling, blood-stained document of tyranny

and brutality told with skill and passion."


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By Ernesto Mallo

  • The City of Fury

    NOVEL, 2021

    This story occurs in hot, muggy, dark streets, the home of criminals and assassins paid by the state and private sector alike. The city sleeps restlessly, panting like a dangerous beast it...

  • Trail of Blood

    NOVEL, 2017

    An unexpected twist of fate has suddenly made Perro Lascano a wealthy man: the inspector has won back Eva's love and retired from the police force. His life has become predictable, quiet and safe....

  • El comisario Lascano

    NOVEL, 2015


  • A Mediocre Conspiracy

    NOVEL, 2015

    Ernesto Mallo plunges us into a tempestuous story of love, murder, contract killers and struggles for power and impunity. Argentine fiction and film has often depicted the bloody period of the...

  • Men Have Done You Wrong

    NOVEL, 2012

    A new case for Superintendent Lascano A novel by Ernesto Mallo   The long awaited third instalment in the Superintendent Lascano series. What the most corrupt policemen in Buenos...

  • You Will See Me Fall

    NOVEL, 2013

    Miguel Beltrán comes back to his country when it's being ruled by Carlos, a despicable, cheeky, clever and corrupt man decided to privatize everything. The story reveals shady and murky...

  • The Reliquary

    NOVEL, 2010

    In the year 1523, Benvenuto Cellini - the genius goldsmith and sculptor of the Italian Renaissance - sculpts a small jewel that he is planning to give to Pope Clemente VII in thanks for...

  • Sweet Money

    NOVEL, 2007

    Superintendent Lascano is drawn into a war between the Buenos Aires Chief of Police and the Apostles, drug-dealing cops who want to control the city. When the Chief of Police is murdered Lascano...

  • Needle in the Haystack

    NOVEL, 2006

    Lascano, a police captain deeply disturbed by the recent death of his wife, Marisa, receives a call: there are two bodies near the Riachuelo. At the scene of the crime, he finds a third corpse...

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