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Fabián Martínez Siccardi was born in Argentine Patagonia in 1964 and has wandered and migrated through different cities in Argentina, the United States and Spain. The only place he constantly returned to was his grandparents’ farm in the south, on the shore of Lake Cardiel, where he spent his childhood summers listening to stories about Patagonia.  

He eventually started to write his own stories, some of which were awarded: Memoria fotográfica ("Photographic memory", second prize Hucha de Oro, 2003), El santo invisible ("The Invisible Saints", second prize Ciudad de Zaragoza, 2005), Laika (prize Alberto Lista, 2007), and If then a man (finalist in the award Glimmer Train Press, 2012, co-authored with Arthur Rose South Africa). In 2012 has published the novel for young readers Patagonia iluminada (Illuminated Patagonia), and in 2013 published Bestias afuera (Beasts outside), the 2013 Clarín Novel Prize.

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By Fabián Martínez Siccardi

  • Lost in the Night

    NOVEL, 2017

    Luciano Capra is a translator from Buenos Aires with a tragic past in the United States. Rose is the mother of a young Californian woman who disappeared in Buenos Aires several weeks ago. A chance...

  • Beasts outside

    NOVEL, 2013

    CLARÍN NOVEL PRIZE 2013 A young agricultural scientist goes to a farm in Patagonia to carry out some pest control. He’s accompanied by his dog Atila, who he is closer to...

  • Illuminated Patagonia

    NOVELA, 2012

    A month ago, on one of his mail transport flights, Amanda's father left the aerodrome in Bahia Blanca on his way to Rio Gallegos. At some point during the journey, the Aeroposta Argentina plane...

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