Héctor Aguilar Camín

MEXICO, 1946

Héctor Aguilar Camín is a journalist, writer and historian. Throughout his career he has combined journalism with fiction and political and historical non-fiction. He has been a researcher at the National Institute of Anthropology and History and received a grant from the Guggenheim Foundation. His first novel, Morir en el golfo [Dying in the Gulf, 1985], was adapted for cinema and in 1988 he won the Mazatlán Prize for Literature with the book Un soplo en el río [Blowing on the River]. His fiction is considered to be part of a wave of ‘new realism’ that combines social criticism with political observation. In 1986 he received the National Prize for Cultural Journalism and in 2001 the Government of Chile awarded him the Gabriela Mistral Medal for Educational and Cultural Merit.  

Twitter: @aguilarcamin

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By Héctor Aguilar Camín

  • Day In, Day Out

    NOVEL, 2016

    Does hearing but not repeating a confession to a crime of passion make one an accomplice to it? Is it possible to escape the burden of the past? Are we the protagonists of our fate or just bit...

  • Goodbye to My Parents

    NOVEL, 2014

    It all begins with a faded photograph taken in Chetumal (Mexico) in 1938, portraying Emma and Héctor, the parents of Héctor Aguilar Camín, as newlyweds. The author is moved to...

  • Pending past and more conversational stories


    What do two friends do when they meet in a crowded airport during a layover? What does a discreet widow do when she finds out that a ghost has appeared in her new neighbour’s home? What...

  • Adriano's women

    NOVEL, 2001

    “I was a man of five women,” says the historian Justo Adriano Alemán to his young confidant, the narrator of this novel. His words open up an evocative world of secrets:...

  • La conspiración de la fortuna

    NOVELA, 2005

    El ascenso y la caída de Santos Rodríguez sirve para retratar a la clase dirigente mexicana y las trastiendas del poder, de la mano de uno de los maestros de la novelística...

  • The brillance of wood

    NOVEL, 1999

    The Brilliance of Wood is the story of Casares, a poor Mexican who listened to his mother and chose to study and embark upon a professional career to escape from poverty and ignorance...

  • Blowing on the river

    NOVEL, 1997

      MAZATLÁN LITERATURE PRIZE 1998     Blowing on the River is the story of a dark romance. It is told by one of the protagonists, Antonio Salcido, during a...

  • The moon's mistake

    NOVEL, 1995

    This novel is infused, like life, with the pull of memory, family and tragic love. The Gonzalbos are going through a difficult time: Leonor Gonzalbo is trying to unravel the mystery of her Aunt...

  • Galio's War

    NOVEL, 1990.

    Like a journey through the night, Galio’s War mixes imagination with collective history and intimate catastrophes, portraying a generation that began its adult life in 1968, survived...

  • Death in Veracruz

    NOVEL, 1985

    Dying in the Gulf  provides the setting for a mortal feud. On one side is the beautiful but perverse Anabela Guillaumin and her husband, the extravagant politician Francisco Rojano. On...

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