Héctor Tizón

ARGENTINA, 1929 - 2012

He was a lawyer, a journalist and a diplomat who lived for a time in exile before ultimately returning home. He also was a Supreme Court judge in his native province not to mention one of the best writers of the Spanish language. He has traveled extensively throughout the world, as a diplomat and an exile, though he always ends up returning to his “place in the world,” to Yala, Jujuy. Always true to his roots and the myths and legends of his homeland, his work has been translated into several languages. He has been awarded the National Academy of Letters and Consecration prizes, and he has been decorated by the French government with the title of Knight of the French Order of Arts and Letters.

Fotografia del autor
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PUBLISHED BY:  Spanish worldwide SEIX BARRAL / ALFAGUARA | Czech Republic RUNA | France ACTES SUD / SERPENT À PLUMES | Germany EDITION 8 | Israel KETER | Russia MACHAON

By Héctor Tizón

  • La Puna Memorial


  • Glow of the Bonfire

    MEMOIRS, 2008

    Sometimes we experience life more intensely when we remember it, recalling events with more tranquility than when they happen, Héctor Tizón writes in this memoir in which he...

  • The Beauty of the World

    NOVEL, 2005

    A twenty-something beekeeper falls in love with teenage Laura and they quickly marry. He is solitary and taciturn; she is cheerful and restless, sometimes tearful as if yearning for something...

  • No es posible callar

    NON FICTION, 2004

  • El viejo soldado

    NOVEL, 2002

  • Tierras de frontera

    NON FICTION, 2000

  • Strasser's Wife

    NOVEL, 1997

    Wilhem Strasser is a young european engineer who moves with his wife Hilde to an Argentinian north county to build a bridge. Hilde and Strasser are more than foreigners who also need to build...

  • Luz de crueles provincias

    NOVEL, 1995

  • El gallo blanco


  • La casa y el viento

    NOVEL, 1984

  • Sota de bastos, caballo de espadas

    NOVEL, 1975

  • Fuego en Casabindo

    NOVEL, 1969

  • A un costado de los rieles


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