Juan Manuel Robles

PERU, 1978

Juan Manuel Robles was born in Lima. He has a Masters in Fine Art and Creative Writing from New York University. He has published Lima freak. Vidas insólitas en una ciudad perturbada (Lima Freak. Strange Lives in a Disturbed City, Planeta, 2008). His stories have appeared in the anthologies Crónicas de otro planeta (Chronicles of Another Planet, Debate, 2009), Las mejores crónicas de Gatopardo (The Best Stories of Gatpardo, Debate, 2006), Crónica Latinoamericana (Latin American Chronicles, Alfaguara, 2012), El cuento peruano 2001-2010 (The Peruvian Story, Ed. Petroperú, 2013), the books Huancaína freak y otros cuentos para comer (Huancaína Freak and Other Stories) and Pequeños dictadores (Little Dictators, Mesa Redonda, 2009) and magazines such as Etiqueta Negra, Gatopardo and Letras Libres. He was a finalist and nominee for the Premio Cemex - FNPI 2008 and won the first and second prize of the Matalamanga Story Contest in 2007. He has received a grant from the Fundación Nuevo Periodismo Iberoamericano – run by Gabriel García Márquez – to attend workshops given by Ryszard Kapuscinski (2002) and Tomás Eloy Martínez (2004). He has been a staff writer at the magazine Cosas Perú (2010-2011) and a columnist for the newspaper El Comercio. He is currently a university professor.

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By Juan Manuel Robles

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