Laura Martínez Belli

SPAIN, 1975

Left her native Barcelona when she was very young to move with her family to Panama, the country where she spent her childhood and forged a link with Latin America. In 1988 she returned to Madrid, where she studied Information Sciences and History of Art at the Universidad Complutense.

In 1995 she went to Mexico, a country which left its mark on her forever. There, she continued her studies at the Universidad Iberoamericana and also worked with the Museo del Palacio de Bellas Artes.
 Constantly going back and forth between Mexico and Spain, she works in cultural institutions dedicated to the protection of artistic heritage. A few months after it was published, her first novel, Por si no te vuelvo a ver, (In Case I Don't See You Again), knocked Gabriel García Marquez off the top of the bestseller's list in Mexico. Her second novel El ladrón de Cálices (The Chalice Thief), would soon also find its way to the top of the bestseller charts.

She currently lives in Mexico City.    

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By Laura Martínez Belli

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