Roberto Brodsky

CHILE, 1957

Writer of novels, screenplays and plays, has also been a cultural editor, contributor and columnist for several different major media outlets (Revista Hoy, Caras, The Clinic, La Nación Domingo, Artes y Letras at El Mercurio, Revista Poder). In 2005 he won the Altazor prize as the co-scriptwriter of the film Machuca, by Andrés Wood, and in 2008 and 2009 he received the Jaén Literary Prize (Spain), the Premio Municipal de Literatura and the Premio José Nuez Martín from the Facultad de Letras de la Universidad Católica, all for his novel Bosque quemado (Burnt Forest).

He currently lives in Washington DC, where he works as adjunct professor at the Center for Latin American Studies of the University of Georgetown.

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By Roberto Brodsky

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