Sebastián Edwards


Sebastián Edwards has been the Henry Ford II Professor of International Business Economics at the University of California in Los Angeles’s (UCLA) prestigious Anderson Graduate School of Management since 1990. In addition to his academic activity, he is a renowned international consultant and a regular columnist. He is the author of more than 200 academic articles about international economics, macroeconomics, and economic development. He publishes regularly in the most prestigious newspapers in Chile, Argentina, Spain, Colombia and USA.

Anderson Graduate School of Management at UCLA

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PUBLISHED BY: Argentina & Chile ALFAGUARA | Spanish worldwide except Argentina & Chile NORMA | English worldwide CHICAGO UNIVERSITY PRESS

By Sebastián Edwards


    NOVEL, 2011

    The 10th of June 1962 is, apparently, a perfect day. Esteban comes back to his homeland looking for Ofelia, the love of his life. However, she is now living her own life, devoted to her husband...

  • Populism or Markets

    NON FICTION, 2009

    Populism & Markets examines the efforts Latin American has made over the last twenty years to break the vicious cycle of economic mediocrity, crisis, inflation, poverty and authoritarian...

  • The Mystery of the Tanias

    NOVEL, 2009

    In search of his best friend's assassins, a university professor undertakes an investigation that leads him to Washington, Bogota, Zurich, Moscow, Santiago and Buenos Aires. After numerous...

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