Tryno Maldonado

MEXICO, 1977

Considered by critics to be one of the most promising voices in contemporary Mexican literature. He was named one of the best young Latin American writers by the Colombian magazine Gatopardo in 2006.

His work appears in various national and international anthologies. He has published the collection of stories Themes and Variations (among the best books of 2003 according to the newspaper Reforma) and the novels Red Vienna (2005), Hunting Season for the Black Lion (2009), The Catastrophe Theory (2012), the short stories book Heavy Metals (2014), and Ayotzinapa. The Face of the Disappeared (2015; the chronicle of what occurred in that region, where he moved and lived for four months to to merge with the families of the young people whose lives ended in a drama still unexplained.)

He organized and edited the anthology Greatest Hits, Vol. 1: New Generation of Mexican Writers (2008) and has contributed to some of the most important publications in Mexico and part of his work is included in national and international anthologies. He worked for a while in a gold and silver mine in the Sierra Madre. He is a member of the National System of Art Creators of Mexico since 2014.

"Literature will not change the country. But it will make us more critical, empathetic and righteous in order to carry out actions that should transform it." Tryno Maldonado

Tryno Maldonado's Blog Site

"Tryno Maldonado is one of the strongest cards

of contemporary Mexican narrative."

Enrique Serna, LETRAS LIBRES

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By Tryno Maldonado

  • Ayotzinapa. Faces of the Disappeared

    CHRONICLE, 2015.

    To forget Ayotzinapa would be the ultimate sign that the country has grown so dehumanized that the crimes against humanity we see committed every day no longer upset or surprise us but simply...

  • Heavy Metals


    This book is set on hostile territory. The savage plains of the Mexican sierra, controlled by drug barons, where clandestine horse races take place, are described through a child's eyes;...

  • The Catastrophe Theory

    NOVEL, 2012

    Anselmo and Mariana; both talented and beautiful but disillusioned with life, meet in the colonial city of Oaxaca during 21 st Century Mexico's first major civil uprising. He, a maths...

  • Hunting Season for the Black Lion

    NOVEL, 2009

    FINALIST XXVI HERRALDE NOVEL PRIZE Golo, the unpredictable protagonist of this novel, is a perfect 'anti-enfant terrible' of art. He is beautiful and dirty, like a god after an orgy; he is a...

  • Red Vienna

    NOVEL, 2005

    Vienna, beginning of the twentieth century. Friedl Aichinger, a young violinist and disciple of Arnold Schönberg, finds herself unwittingly involved in the historic slaughter and burning of...

  • Themes and variations


    Following in the footsteps of Jorge Luis Borges, Italo Calvino and Marcel Schwob and their explorations of the biographies of characters, with its mixture of historical erudition, infamy and...

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