Love or Dependency?

Walter Riso


Emotional dependency on one's partner will result, sooner or later, in suffering and depression.  Millions of people are victims of inadequate relationships, yet they don't know what to do about it.  Fear of loss, loneliness and abandonment contaminate the relationship and thus make it highly vulnerable.  Insecure love is a time bomb that can go off at any moment, leaving us deeply hurt.  And yet, contrary to what our culture seems to believe, it is possible to love independently and still continue to love, to rid ourselves of psychological ties and, despite everything, keep the fire of passion burning.  Emotional commitment does not mean disappearing into the other, but rather assimilating oneself in a respectful manner.  Healthy love is the sum of two parts where neither party is consumed by the other.  Emotional dependency is a sickness that can be cured and, even more importantly, prevented.  The aim of this book is to help people who are or have been victims of unhealthy love and also to serve as a guide for healthy couples who want to continue loving each other intensely and free of dependencies.

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