Ayotzinapa. Faces of the Disappeared

Tryno Maldonado


To forget Ayotzinapa would be the ultimate sign that the country has grown so dehumanized that the crimes against humanity we see committed every day no longer upset or surprise us but simply represent another addition to the cold, impersonal statistics about the number of people who disappear; to the anonymous faces and names of the victims. 

The night of the 26th of September 2014 offered Mexico a comprehensive reminder of horror of narco-governments, police abuse and indiscriminate repression. Ayotzinapa plunged the country into a collective tunnel from which it has not yet come out. Volunteering to act as our guide, Tryno Maldonado went to live in the Normal School in Ayotzinapa for four months. The resulting tale is stranger than fiction and may well be the most complete, personal and multi-faceted account of what happened that night.

In this book, Maldonado emphasizes the importance of culture as a response to savagery, narrative to oblivion and ink to impermanence. Ayotzinapa. El rostro de los desaparecidos (Ayotzinapa. The Face of the Disappeared) creates an intimate complicity between the reader and the students; a powerful solidarity that will inevitably lead you to discuss this book with everyone you come across.

Review in "The New York Review of Book"

«His sensitively rendered portraits of the missing, assembled through letters and interviews with their families and friends, can make this a difficult book both to pick up and to put down. »

Lauren Markham, The New York Review of Books



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