Behind the Mask

Bef, Bernardo Fernández


Zombi, a tall, well-built young man, and Roque, a small, shy nerd, have been friends since they were little. They both go to Germán Butze High School and they have the same problems as all the rest of their classmates: chemistry exams, sociopathic professors and pretty girls distracting them from their studies. But in addition to all their everyday problems, they have a dual identity. Together, they are:

Electrostatic Boy and Captain Toxic!

Their first mission is to stop an enormous robot that is attacking the Santa Fe area and threatening to take over the world. This will be their first meeting with the supervillain Gargantor, the name assumed by Mauricio, a solitary boy with enough funds to make nuclear bombs and clone himself fifteen times.

But that’s not all. In his country – which is very similar to ours – paranormal activities are strictly regulated by the government. Ricardo Romero, an agent from Services and Operations Related to Paranormal Activities (SORPA), will try to recruit them, as he does all the young people found to have outstanding meta-human abilities, so the department can keep an eye on them.

Amidst groups of superheroes rebelling against the government, dance competitions at school, and neglected geniuses trying to destroy the world, the newbies Roque and Zombie will try to protect the city and, if they can, get the phone number of the girl they’re losing sleep over.

Interview with the author about the novel - Newspaper Excélsior - Mexico, April 2014


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