Laura Martínez Belli


1863. Carlota takes the reins of a fading Second Empire and will not rest until she wins the support of the conservative forces of Europe even if that goes against her ideals. But something else weighs more heavily on her heart. Her marriage is a farce: Maximiliano is letting her wilt little by little without ever offering her a hint of kindness or passion. Carlota, rebelling against the misfortune to which she appears to be destined, allows herself to get carried away in a wild love affair with another man without considering the consequences. Constanza Murrieta, whom she has chosen from among her ladies in waiting to be her confidante, is the only person who knows her dark secret and when she decides to play her trump card, she will have no qualms about betraying Carlota and joining a plot to depose her from the throne. The fate of the empress, and the empire, is in her hands.

This is an extraordinary novel of forbidden love, dangerous secrets, clandestine political interests, half-truths, betrayal and chance and also an impassioned portrait of an Empire that did little more than fan the flames of discord.


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