Raising Up The Night

Carlos María Domínguez


The Life of Juan Carlos Onetti  

This is the first biography of the masterful Uruguayan writer, winner of the Premio Cervantes, Juan Carlos Onetti. Domínguez seeks out the key facts behind the origins of certain characters and settings in Onetti's work, his experience of writing and the wealth of anecdotes, both rich and harsh, that surround his life. As he does so, he will shine a new light on the eroticism of the 40s on either side of the Río de la Plata. This biography is also a cultural history centered on the bohemian nightlife of Buenos Aires and Montevideo and the relationships between artists and writers from both countries: Arlt, Borges, Gombrowicz, Cortázar... as well as the story of the weekly magazine Marcha which defined an epoch in the politics and culture of Latin America. It covers Onetti's imprisonment, along with the other directors of Marcha, for being on the jury of an award won by a writer who displeased the dictatorship at the time, and his subsequent exile in Spain. Raising Up the Night can be read as the life of a writer who rejected the hypocrisy of his society, governed by an individual ethic and an overriding urge to explore the limits of emotion and feeling and also as a novel about a man who has provided one of the most profound and authentic bodies of work in Hispano-American literature.        


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