The Language Of Fragility

Carlos María Domínguez


In the middle of the Second World War, Guy Delatour flees Montevideo in a ship of Argentine volunteers sailing to fight in Europe. Sick of the cinematic fictions in which he was able to hide his stammer, his journey into the real world will confront him with sex, death, love and spies observing an ocean crossing endangered by German submarines.

But what Guy doesn't know is that he is living in an unpublished manuscript and his experiences are in fact part of the veiled confession of Arturo Despouey, the celebrated Uruguayan critic who became a war correspondent and BBC presenter. The person who determines the story and fate of a man who waged an incredible war with the fragile stuff of words is Carlos Brauer, who is seeking to escape reality in fiction.

Like a set of Russian dolls, Carlos María Domínguez has constructed a delicate but perfectly designed architecture in which truth and imagination weave a captivating web that multiplies into infinite reflections.

Article El País (Spanish)



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