The Mystery of the Tanias

Sebastián Edwards


In search of his best friend's assassins, a university professor undertakes an investigation that leads him to Washington, Bogota, Zurich, Moscow, Santiago and Buenos Aires. After numerous adventures, romances and beatings, he learns that the revelation of this mysterious death lies in the hands of a group of wealthy, attractive and influential women known as the Tanias, who, years before, were recruited by the Cuban Secret Service as agents of the Revolution. Recently activated, the Tanias hold the key to the legendary treasure of the Montoneros, Argentinean guerillas, which is worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

“A fascinating story, full of intrigue, audacity, love and betrayal.”

Jorge Castañeda


“An excellent novel… Edwards is a genuine revelation.”

Andrés Oppenheimer


“The Mystery of the Tanias is a thrilling novel.”

Álvaro Vargas Llosa

PUBLISHED BY: Argentina & Chile ALFAGUARA | Spanish worldwide except Argentina & Chile NORMA - LA OTRA ORILLA 

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