Scenarios for the End of the World

Bef, Bernardo Fernández


A report on a clandestine extraterrestrial invasion and its influence on the Mexican government. A conqueror of new planets who can commit genocide at the touch of a button. An immigrant worker who finds himself exceptionally far from home. A repressed woman who discovers what it is to be the daughter of a demon. A romance between two monstrous but lonely figures. A technological innovation that changes the course of the conflict between Juárez and Maximiliano. A city that plays host to despotic governments, apocalyptic situations and the visit of a redeeming angel.

This volume contains the best stories that Bernardo Fernández, Bef, has written throughout his career. They provide ample evidence of his talent for passing freely between literary fiction and different speculative genres and the result is a harrowing vision of both the contemporary world and the one that awaits us, full of black humour and acute psychological observations.

"Bernardo Fernández is without doubt a writer
who has placed his best talents in the service of a just cause:
to tell the story of the world that is to come,
the Mexico that looms before us, threatening to bury us all."

Gabriel Trujillo Muñoz


"A writer without a past whom I admire."

Guillermo Fadanelli




PUBLISHED BY: Spanish in the World OCÉANO

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