The Beast We Inhabit. A Járcor Case

Bef, Bernardo Fernández


Mexico City, November 2019
The Beast We Inhabit. A Járcor Case
The leader of the Constanza Cartel, Lizzy Zubiaga: behind bars.
Her nemesis, Detective Andrea Mijangos: disappeared.
But in the Metropolis, crime doesn't sleep.
One publicist dying in unusual circumstances might be considered an isolated case.
But two dead publicists, the owners of a modelling agency with a third partner in hiding, an agency that was involved in one of the most notorious corruption cases of the past few years...
The Public Prosecutor doesn't believe in coincidence.
This is a case for Járcor.
In this spin off of the Scorpions series, Bef proves once again that he is one of the most talented crime writers in Mexico.

Published by: Spanish OCEANO

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