Hanka 753

Alejandro Parisi


Poland, 1939. Little Hanka lives with her six siblings and her father until the day that the Germans invade and her world changes forever. Locked away in her house in the ghetto, at just nine years old she wonders what they're doing to the Jews. How can she know, stuck at home, protected from the outside world by her two sisters?

For the next four years, she'll suffer from hunger, solitude and terror until she is eventually deported to Auschwitz where she spends thirty-six hours at the gateway to hell, watching it swallow people in a seemingly unstoppable chain of Nazi savagery.

As Hanka gets older she learns of the dark situation and the deep panic spreading throughout Europe. Then, by chance or destiny she begins a journey that takes her through different labour camps and a Germany fast being reduced to rubble, discovering a strength and resilience she never knew she had and only finding certainty in the embrace of the sisters suffering at her side. Together they will confront the horror in the hope that they will be able to stay together until the end of the war, survivors of what would later be known as the Holocaust.

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