The Woman of Isla Negra

María Fasce


In the early 1950s, Elisa and her mother Raquel leave behind their humble home in Temuco and go to Isla Negra to move in with Pablo Neruda in his big house, which looks like an underwater cliff full of objects. Little Elisa spies on his poems and his love affairs while Raquel works in silence as his maid. The arrival of Neruda’s wife, Delia del Carril, an aristocratic Argentine painter so stunning that she seems never to age, breathes new life into the house. However, Raquel harbours an important secret.

María Fasce portrays a brilliant, intimidating, cruel, childish, seductive and selfish Neruda who has a profound effect on the women in his life. La mujer de Isla Negra (The Woman of Isla Negra) is a love story full of sensuality and tension based on real events and characters and its literary power will move and disturb readers in equal measure.  

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"Fasce's light, elegant touch nonetheless offers a searing examination of human nature."


"A subtle exploration of the hidden corners of the soul."



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