The Nature of Love

María Fasce


Ana values highly clarity, order, and cleanliness. But she will have to manage her way – and even give birth – through disorder, confusion and chaos.With her job at a publishing company in Buenos Aires threatened by the economic crisis and her with Claudio, a soap opera actor with three daughters who occupy all of his time, destined to fail, she crosses the Atlantic and takes a job at a publishing company in Madrid. Later she moves to Barcelona to live with Nicolás, an artist whose specialty is stained-glass windows and who is fascinated by alchemy and as enthusiastic about chaos as Ana is about order.Without her knowing it, Ana’s journey is a kind of pilgrimage, an investigation into the nature of love –that emotion which, like alchemy, is a passion so many writers share, as she will discover with her companion– and possesses a transformative power over things and life itself. An exploration of the infinite details of relationships that delves into the experiences of love, friendship, emigration and separation, culminating in motherhood and the discovery that happiness is in fact possible.


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