The Pursuit

Juan José Saer


This labyrinthine work by Juan José Saer contains two parallel investigations into the complexities of madness, memory and crime. The cases; the famous mystery of a series of murders in Paris and a group of friends' search for the author of a manuscript are the two concepts presented here for the reader's consideration.

With sharp ingenuity and a precise eye for exactly the right word, in La pesquisa (The Pursuit) Saer muses on our tendency to make snap judgements about what we cannot possibly know and exposes the difficulty of forming a realistic opinion in a world that cannot be simplified, delving into the darkest parts of our being to test our capacities of perception and understanding to the limit.     

PUBLISHED BY: Latin America SEIX BARRAL | Spain RAYO VERDE | Bulgaria PANORAMA | Czech Republic RUNA | France SEUIL / LE TRIPODE | Italy LA NUOVA FRONTIERA | Macedonia ANTOLOG | Poland TAiWPN

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