The Dream Thief

Bef, Bernardo Fernández


The twisted mind of Doctor Ventosa - a mad scientist - has come up with a perverse plan: to give children chilling nightmares via a virtual reality video game console of his own design, and to then collect them with the help of another macabre invention; the Somniraptor. This bio-mechanical robot shaped like a giant mosquito detects the brainwaves produced by nightmares, extracts them from the head of the dreamer and then records them to take back to Ventosa's laboratory. There, the scientist uses them to program more and more frightening video games which in turn produce more nightmares. This is all done to make money for HumaCorp, the ambitious company for which the scientist works. Andrea, a punk girl with a special talent for video games, confronts the Somniraptor and Doctor Ventosa together with a group of children who served as guinea pigs in the company's terrible laboratories. However, to defeat the scientist, Andrea will have to enter into the terrifying world of the central computer at HumaCorp, the worst nightmare ever imagined...


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