The Islands

Carlos Yushimito


Las islas (The Islands) is a collection of eight stories set in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The stories are full of characters who live in the favelas scattered around the city's suburbs. Through them readers are introduced to a delirious reality populated by people who live in the moment, trying to find meaning in their lives. The creatures who roam the islands are marginal beings and as they try to survive in their environment they find ways to escape their anguish, discovering in the process that life is about more than simply existing.

"Las islas (The Islands) is a stunning debut that reveals a "first class"

young author. This rare privilege can be seen in all its splendor in

"Seltz", an excellent short story in which Yushimito achieves

a perfect balance between the harmony of his prose and the use

-less sophisticated but much more alive- of a simple adjective

in the mouth of his characters. Just for this, I do feel tempted

to say that his narrative is on the right track".

Diego Trelles, CASA DE CITAS


"The generational change is represented by Carlos Yushimito,

author of Las islas (The Islands), a handful of interesting

and unique stories set in a Brazil dreamed,

heard and read, a Brazil beyond time"

Diego Otero, EL COMERCIO



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