The waves of the world

Alejandra Laurencich


Andrea is about to turn thirteen. It is the turbulent summer of 1976 and to escape from reality and the torments of her encroaching adolescence, she invents her own universe. It is the story of ‘Him’, a fictional character created from a collage of snippets of men she admires: Che Guevara’s smile, Mick Jagger’s velvet trousers and, especially, the voice and gaze of Spinetta, the rock star.

But the real world intrudes ever more violently. It becomes increasingly difficult to ignore the adults’ conversations, the book burning, the cars without license plates, and the detention of civilians she witnesses through the blinds. When the net closes around her own family, Andrea thinks she can manipulate reality in the same way she pulls the strings in her fictional world. And it is then when, trying to help, she reveals something that might put her own life in danger. The guilt will haunt her for the rest of her life.

The Waves of the World is a lucid, moving novel in which Alejandra Laurencich masterfully interweaves a love story, a thriller plot, a political narrative and an exploration of literary creation itself. 


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