Lessons for a Child Who Arrives Late

Carlos Yushimito


A universe of mathematical precision from which goodness has disappeared and violence relieves the unpredictable continuity of existence.

In a world where dreams and reality merge and split seamlessly, the characters of Carlos Yushimoto, which are always full of violent tenderness, feed on the childish pastimes that the author disrupts with a weird, provocative perversity, always playing a game of mirrors where no-one recognizes themselves. An unsettling tin man wonders about the mysteries of death, watching in amazement as a heart starts to take charge of his rusting limbs, while in a place not so far away a boy tries to play the piano as well as Margarita, the teacher’s niece who is just as beautiful and cruel as the insects he inspects with bizarre instruments.

PUBLISHED BY: Spanish DUOMO | English worldwide TRANSIT BOOKS

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