The Men I Never Was

Pablo Simonetti


«That world of beautiful, tyrannical, deeply flawed form, of set rules that could sometimes be fatal, was disappearing before my very eyes.»

Staying at a flat where he lived twenty years ago, the narrator of The Men I Never Was visits an antiques auction that sets off memories, bringing him face to face with the past and the people who inhabited it as well as leading him to examine the decisions he took to safeguard his identity.

With a clear-sighted gaze somewhere between melancholic and liberated, Pablo Simonetti has written a novel about appearances and the hypocrisy of a conservative society, the cost of belonging and the pain of letting go, and love and heartbreak in a Santiago in flames. A grand act of catharsis, the exercise will finally allow the protagonist to put the past behind him.

«In The Men I Never Was there is a pitiless melancholy that has no need for sentimentality. It conveys many hard truths. »

Oscar Contardo


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