Men Have Done You Wrong

Ernesto Mallo


A new case for Superintendent Lascano

A novel by Ernesto Mallo   The long awaited third instalment in the Superintendent Lascano series. What the most corrupt policemen in Buenos Aires couldn't do through intimidation or murder attempts, they've finally managed through bureaucracy: the ‘dog' in their ranks has been forced to retire. But, even in his retirement, trouble finds Superintendent Lascano. A mysterious, wealthy relative turns up with an urgent case: to find a granddaughter who disappeared years ago after her mother was murdered. The mission takes Lascano to Mar del Plata, a seaside town known as ‘the happy city', where he gets enmeshed in the sordid world of people trafficking and prostitution, the most brazen form of slavery in the 21st Century. Unarmed and without an institution to back him up, Lascano is just one man up against a network of murderers, girl-hunters, corrupt politicians and criminal policemen. It will be a risky investigation that will bring to light things many people would rather were kept quiet.            

The plot is based on real information provided to the author by organizations campaigning to rescue women who are subjected to sexual slavery or tricked into it from other countries, uncovering prostitution rackets filled with sinister drug dealers and criminals in hiding.

This is a page-turning, breathless read about a great social drama - and extremely lucrative business - of the 21st Century.          

PUBLISHED BY: Latin America PLANETA | Brasil Letramento |Spain SIRUELA | Croatia ZNANJE | France PAYOT ET RIVAGES

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