Full Moon on the Rocks

Xavier Velasco


"I'm not trying to see what's never been seen, but maybe, with a little luck, what has always been imagined."

This book is about the good life. Because of this, the narrator takes us to the worst dives imaginable. Where else to find the level of existence where one's glasses steam up, the collective unconscious is pampered and pleasure annihilates duty? In this, the reloaded, final version of the night safari Full Moon on the Rocks, Xavier Velasco becomes a festive, shameless narrator, determined to binge until the last drop in bars, brothels and other hell-holes. He doesn't want to be a witness; he wants to be complicit in the act.

A dive? There goes another whore in a mink coat. Let's toast the good life.

"Xavier Velasco is the loneliest of the public writers of a Mexico

in transition. A chronicler of the streets by vocation and a narrator

of the night by affiliation, he belongs to the band of Latin American

documenters of the human comedy of marginality."

Julio Ortega, EL PAÍS


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