Mother, You Who Are in Heaven

Pablo Simonetti


At seventy-seven years old, Julia Bartolini discovers that she has a mortal illness. Taking everyone by surprise, she decides not to receive treatment that could postpone the end for a few months: after all, she'll have to confront death sooner or later. Instead, Julia decides to go over the steps of her life, examining her family's story, especially her relationship with her children and their lingering complaints from the past, sometimes dispassionately, sometimes tenderly.

Pablo Simonetti's first novel is written in carefully measured, sophisticated prose dealing with filial love, family ruptures and redemption. This moving book is a genuine life lesson.

"I've just finished an intelligent, clear and moving book: Mother Who Art in

Heaven by Pablo Simonetti. A woman about to die of cancer looks back

on her life, painting with humour and sensitivity a picture of the Chilean family,

their taboos and indulgences."

Antonio Skármeta

PUBLISHED BY: Spanish ALFAGUARA | Portugal BABEL | The Netherlands SIJTHOFF | Brazil PLANETA | Israel MATAR | Italy CORBACCIO 


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