Miss Tacuarembó

Dani Umpi


Just when the protagonist, Natalia, thinks that she has freed herself from her past, and especially her native town of Tacuarembó, where her overbearing mother lives, her world and life in Montevideo is turned upside down, becoming one big carnival with nightmarish undercurrents. This novel is filled with engaging situations and characters such as the gay friend, the therapist, and an awful pair of twin sisters, lamenting our tendency to classify the world through rankings.

Miss Tacuarembó is the story of a childhood in the 80s and an adolescence in the 90s, colour television, soap operas, the choreographers on Flashdance, Mujercitas perfume, walkie-talkies, new age music, raves and shopping centres, the world as we knew it just before the arrival of the internet. It explores popular culture with a literary bent reminiscent of Copi or the best of Manuel Puig.

This is an exhilarating book, full of joy, invention and bitter melancholy, featuring moving scenes stitched together with great narrative skill, precision and freshness.

Miss Tacuarembó was made into a film in 2010 by Martín Sastre.



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