It’s Not Us

Ricardo Sumalavia


The main character in this book sets out for home after a ten year absence, wondering whether his life is determined by fate. Amid his uncertainty, he clings to the only things that really count: his books, but they are also gateways into other universes, opportunities to live as many different lives as possible.

This account of a man returning home is both an affirmation of the identity of a subject in transit, but also its denial: a renunciation that is simultaneously a declaration of a new life; a future testament.

In these pages, Ricardo Sumalavia speaks to us of solitude, our tragic condition as individuals condemned to be misunderstood save for brief, passing moments of relief in the company of family, friends and lovers, and yet It's Not Us proves to us that some things last in spite of the vagaries of time, fate and distance.

Interview in CORREO


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