Water-blue Eyes

Domingo Villar


In Galicia, a land of light and shadows, ironic and ambiguous, where nothing is said and all is insinuated, a musician was found dead in a tower building by the sea. Leo Caldas, a laconic police inspector who combines his job at the precinct with a radiophonic consulting bureau, strives for answers amidst the fogs of dusk and the smoke of taverns, amidst a sip of wine and the scent of pine trees and salty waters. Ojos de Agua inaugurates a series which will have Inspector Caldas as its protagonist.

PUBLISHED BY: Bulgaria CIELA | English worldwide ARCADIA BOOKS | Galician GALAXIA | Hebrew TESHA NESHAMOT | Italy PONTE ALLE GRAZIE | Spanish worldwide SIRUELA / RANDOM HOUSE MONDADORI (pocket) | Germany UNIONSVERLAG | Russia AST | Sweden EKHOLM | TV movie rights VACCA FILMS 

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