I’d Pay Not To See You

Juan Sasturain


I’d Pay Not to See You takes the link between fiction and reality in Juan Sasturain’s work to new extremes. It is the third book to feature Etchenike as a character. An old, tired Etchenike in the mid-80s must investigate a crime that will bring back old memories, as the partner of his old friend Manuel “Bird” Saldívar turns up dead. The defunct Mauro Peratta, a womanizer with ties to powerful men in the military and the clergy, had plenty of enemies: Saldívar’s bodyguard because Peratta was sleeping with his wife; Diana – Salvídar’s daughter – who was competing with the dead man for control of her father’s company; and even Salvídar himself, who suspected Peratta of plotting to swindle him. Etchenike calls in his colleagues Tony García and Negro Sayago to help with solving the crime so he can prevent his case from becoming ‘contaminated’ by the official Police Force commanded by Officer Macías. As in every good crime thriller, we have a crime to be solved, plenty of suspects, sultry women and a police force dedicated to breaking the private detective’s resolve.


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