I Wish You Could Hear the Song I’m Listening to as I Write This

Manuela Espinal Solano


The narrator of Quisiera que oyeran la canción que escucho cuando escribo esto (I Wish You Could Hear the Song I'm Listening to as I Write This), Manuela Espinal Solano, comes from several generations of musicians and singers. This is a work of fiction but it has several autobiographical elements that gives literary shape, with a mature style and incredible confidence given the age of the author, to several very relevant questions: How can you escape something that's in your blood? When is it right to reject a tradition you love? And most importantly: how can you explain it?
In this short novel we encounter a voice that gives up on singing so as to find its own, original ‘quiet space' in literature.

El Espectador (Spanish)

Vísperas (Spanish)

«A surprisingly powerful book [...] The most striking thing about Espinal Solano is his potential. I can't wait to see what he'll do with his voice in the future.»
Juan Carlos Rincón Escalante, EL ESPECTADOR


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