Sofia in the Land of Infinity

Bef, Bernardo Fernández


Sofia and her kitty Luna love to roam the Multiverse. Throughout their travels they have gone to worlds where there are still dinosaurs, or inhabitants that can change shape again and again. In one of their adventures they go with their spaceship into a wormhole, a tunnel in space-time, and arrive at an extraordinary world called The Land of Infinity. There they will discover the gatekeeper Lewis, a robot who is always in a hurry, and many more beings in the Infinity Hotel, which always has enough rooms to accommodate its numerous guests from worlds as far away as they are fantastic.

As they travel through different universes, they will learn that mathematics and numbers are a game that allows them to better understand both the world around them and themselves. And that the most wonderful realities that can exist are within the reach of their imagination, with the help of their curiosity and the learning obtained in their travels and with the knowledge of the new friends they make along the way.




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