Her Face in Time

Alejandro Parisi


Sicily: a plot of land surrounded by sea, a place where nature, poverty and forbidden desires abound. In a small town, Vito and Giuseppina cultivate an unmentionable love. It all began when they played together as children but now the little girl is fifteen and when she walks down the street with her grandmother, her curvy body makes her the princess of the island's poor.

The girl comes home and walks over to the stove to stir the sauce under the attentive gaze of her brother Vito. Their games of hide and seek and furtive touches are now beginning to feel like the love between a man and a woman, but nobody must ever find out.

Vito and Giuseppina: brother and sister, are forced to flee while the island is occupied by fascist troops and the bombs rain down. Two people ready to give up everything to pursue a crazy love affair that is generally regarded as a sin. But everyone knows that Sicily is a fertile land where good stories thrive, as though planted by a god or a devil just to tease humanity. Fortunately, the extraordinarily talented Alejandro Parisi was there to hear and write them all down.


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