Thirteen Circuses and Other Ordinary Stories

Antonio Ungar


Getting so drunk you turn into a murderer, stagnating in Bogotán ennui, a 20th century cannibal who can't feed his family, a fascination with a squint-eyed abattoir worker, an academic confronting a mafia family on a deserted beach, losing a pair of grey eyes in a swamp, the main act in an Anthropophagus Circus, the only man among twenty-seven dirty-nailed women plotting to kill a Quaker pastor, burying a communist German grandfather in the most beautiful village in the world, a blind trapeze artist trying to entertain jungle dwellers, entering a strange house to enjoy other people's private lives, an ordinary woman with a pathetic role in the Bogotá night, a pitiful, middle class family circus. These and other situations are explored by Antonio Ungar in this set of wild and wonderful tales.

Thirteen Circuses and Other Ordinary Stories is an exploration of the unconventional, featuring unsettling characters, stories and settings.

The stories gathered here - written between 1994 and 2001 - were originally published in two separate volumes and many have since featured in over twenty anthologies in five languages. The current compilation is a celebration of the intense prose of one of Colombia's most expressive and original writers.


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