Three white coffins

Antonio Ungar


Three White Coffins is a thriller in which a solitary, antisocial man is forced to assume the identity of the leader of an opposition political party and embarks upon a series of adventures in an attempt to end the totalitarian regime of a Latin American country called Miranda. The bizarre plot is actually a kind of empty shell that provides the framework for the novel to grow in unpredictable, deranged ways, recounted in the protagonist’s breathless voice. Wild, insane and hysterical, the narrator questions, mocks and destroys reality (only to then rebuild it from scratch). Tirelessly pursued by a regime of terror that controls everything in Miranda and the pitiful politicians on his own side, alone against the world, the protagonist is eventually hunted down. His girlfriend, in contrast, manages a miraculous escape and the hope of a new beginning to the story lies with her.

Three White Coffins is an open, polyphonic text that can be read in multiple ways. It could be seen as a ferocious satire of politics in Latin America, a refined reflection on individual identity and substitution, an exploration of the limits of friendship, an essay on the fragility of reality, or a story of impossible love. Wrapped in the package of an easy to read thriller with a generous helping of humour, this novel plays a complex, fascinating literary game that definitively establishes the author as one of the greatest writers of his generation.

PUBLISHED BY: Spanish ANAGRAMA | Alemania FISCHER | France NOTABILIA | Greece ALEXANDRÍA | Israel XARGOL | Italy FELTRINELLI | The Netherlands DE GEUS |

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