All Yours

Claudia Piñeiro


A heart drawn in rouge, with ‘I love you’ scrawled over it and signed ‘Yours’ tells Inés that her husband is cheating on her. What follows is not just a gripping, highly entertaining crime story, but an unflinching portrayal of middle class family life in which Claudia Piñeiro ingeniously captures different voices in Argentine society, especially that of a housewife willing to do anything to protect her marriage and keep up appearances.

"Piñeiro artfully telegraphs the plot's direction by interjecting sections detailing evidence later used against someone in a criminal prosecution. Noir fans will appreciate the final twist."
Publishers Weekly


"A book that grabs you from the start and whips along at pace, and in which the twists, unlike those in so many crime books, are credible. This is what people would do, you think, caught in a hell of their own making."


"The narrative is spare and energetic, the conclusion satisfying. But the creation of Ines is the book's triumph. Her unshakeable faith in her marriage and her determination to save her husband are the heart of this unusual take on the betrayed wife, and Piñeiro brings this unforgettable character to life with delightful gusto."

Shelf Awareness


"Written with a finely tuned sense of irony, this is an engaging, off-beat and somewhat different kind of tale, one which is recommended."

MBR Bookwatch


"Piñeiro avoids cliché; is tribute not only to her skillful characterizations but also to her ability to weave together background and foreground-the larger sociological picture with its manifestations in the intimacy of family life-to create a disturbing and convincing portrait of a pathology. If they make for salutary reading, however, Pineiro's novels are, first and foremost, very good thrillers."

 Eastern Daily Press


“Claudia Piñeiro has produced a strange pearl, Yours, a tough crime

novel featuring a female protagonist and all the genre elements:

violence, deceit, and a complicated web of conflict, turned up to eleven."

Elvio E. Gandolfo


All Yours is a magnificently well put together crime thriller,

with surprising twists and a perfect ending."

Elsa Drucaroff

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