Urban Zone

Martín Kohan


Paris is without a doubt the central city in the critical work of Walter Benjamin. But it is also possible to displace the city and make it the vertex of a figure made up of three places: Berlin, Moscow and Naples.This new figure, plural and diverse but at the same time firmly articulated, is the urban zone this book investigates. It is a figure that nourishes itself on the reality of these four cities and ends in the formation of a new city, as real as it is imagined, a city that takes on life in a journey of reading through the texts of Walter Benjamin. Entering and exiting this map, Martin Kohan invites us to explore the aesthetic and political concerns of Benjamin: modernity and its pre-history, revolution, childhood, language, technology, the concept of aura and its loss, experience and the end of the experience.

PUBLISHED BY: Latin America (except Argentina) & Spain TROTTA | Argentina NORMA / ETERNA CADENCIA

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