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  • This needs to stop

    NON-FICTION, 2014

    William Ospina

    Colombia is changing. After centuries of repetition, in which a culture, a people and a land have been persistently ignored and crushed by the arrogance of those in power, an enormously exciting...

  • Mathemagic

    NON FICTION, 2013

    Adrián Paenza

    This new book is a sea of ideas, games, challenges, strategies, wit and, especially, magic. What method should I use to make a survey infallible? Can maths help to solve a legal case? What’s...

  • M47HS 4 EVERY1

    NON FICTION, 2012

    Adrián Paenza

    More games, puzzles and problems. The new book by the father of the recreational mathematics in Argentina. TH3 PL3ASU8E OF TH1NK1NG, 3NJ0Y1NG H4V1NG 4N UN5OLV3D P80BL3M G01NG 4R0UND Y0UR...

  • What, Are These Also Mathematics?

    NON FICTION, 2011

    Adrián Paenza

    We are surrounded by numbers! Birth date, ID number, computer user, phone number. Numbers we repeat and repeat automatically and they only make sense when we associate them and we think in a...

  • Weird. A Chilean gay story

    NON FICTION, 2011

    Óscar Contardo

    This is a weird book, a book about a weird topic which tries to see what is left behind the official story. This is not a book about a minority, an isolated group. This is the reflection of a...

  • The History of Words

    NON FICTION, 2011

    Daniel Balmaceda

    Daniel Balmaceda merges his two passions in this book: history and words. Every word has a suprising anecdote in his origins. The hitory of words is the story of our lives. That is the reason why...

  • Mathematics... Are You There?

    NON FICTION, 2006

    Adrián Paenza

    Mathematics... Are You there? It may well be hidden in a problem, but what we know for sure is that maths is around the corner, in our daily lives, waiting for us to find it.  In this trip...

  • Lost Wonders of the World

    NON FICTION, 2012

    Fernando Báez

    A Brief History of Civilization's Greatest Cultural Catastrophes Reminding us of the power of nature and the human being's ability to destroy what he himself has created, Fernando...

  • The Cultural Plundering of Latin America

    NON FICTION, 2007

    Fernando Báez

    From the plundering of the cultural heritage of all Latin America beginning in the sixteenth century, including the conquest that swept millions of cultural goods from the shores of pre-Hispanic...

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