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  • San Francisco

    POETRY, 2014

    Luciano Lamberti

    Before the stories in El asesino de chanchos (The Pig Killer) and El loro que podía adivinar el futuro (The Parrot who Could Predict the Future), Luciano Lamberti wrote poetry. In 2008...

  • Eucalyptus House

    NOVEL, 2017

    Luciano Lamberti

    A doctor gets lost on the trail back to his home town. A young president is visited by a spirit who promises to reveal the secret of success. A man dies repeatedly only to be revived over and over...

  • Rebaño

    NON FICTION, 2018

    Óscar Contardo

  • The Visitor

    ESSAY, 2017

    Sergio Chejfec


  • An Inventory of (invented) Inventions

    NARRATIVE, 2017

    Eduardo Berti

    An Inventory of (invented) Inventions is an enormous library of literary inventions: objects that only exist in fiction and other creations that first appeared in the pages of a book or the...

  • Parar en seco

    NON FICTION, 2016

    William Ospina

    Sin su carácter sagrado, la naturaleza pasó a ser posesión de la humanidad. Antes los hombres y el medio ambiente eran uno solo, partes de una misma entidad; ahora eran...

  • North American Writers

    NON FICTION, 2016

    Ricardo Piglia

    In 1967, Ricardo Piglia was a young writer about to publish his first book of short stories but he was already creating a mode of reading and identifying a set of key texts that would define his...

  • The Three Avant Gardes

    NON FICTION, 2016

    Ricardo Piglia

    This volume contains eleven seminar classes given by Ricardo Piglia at the Universidad de Buenos Aires in 1990. The texts are meant as a starting point for addressing the problems presented in...

  • The Elevator Theory

    NARRATIVE, 2016

    Sergio Chejfec

    "I might stop at a corner and be unable to comprehend what is in front of me. The feeling is a mixture of original intuition, a hesitant sense of the past, and a misleading familiarity with city...

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