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  • The Unauthorized Biography of 1910

    NON FICTION, 2010

    Daniel Balmaceda

    Balmaceda immerses himself in the year of the country's centenary to tell in his accessible, engaging style the incredible stories that took place during the lavish celebrations, including the...

  • Gold and Swords

    NON FICTION, 2006

    Daniel Balmaceda

    If a technological genius were ever to invent a time machine, the journalist and historian Daniel Balmaceda would be its most frequent user. He'd never stop accumulating time miles researching...

  • Latest News from Writing

    ESSAY, 2015

    Sergio Chejfec

    In an old notebook bought in a nondescript neighbourhood in a strange city, Sergio Chejfec jots down his personal but essential thoughts about writing. On this journey through fiction and...

  • The Initial Manifestation. Conversations at Princeton

    ESSAY, 2015

    Ricardo Piglia

    In the recent essays, conversations and interviews that make up this volume, Piglia uses conversation, which he sees as the initial manifestation of any intellectual endeavour, to explore some...

  • Korea: Notes from the Edge

    CHRONICLE, 2015

    Andrés Felipe Solano

    LIBRARY  COLOMBIAN NARRATIVE FIRST PRIZE From the moment he arrived in Seoul, Andrés Felipe Solano started to take notes and photographs, forcing himself to experience...

  • How to Sketch Out a Novel

    ESSAY, 2014

    Martín Solares

    These essays on novels are by turns conversational, naughty and very confessional. In this book, Martín Solares converts his reading and convictions into a kind of literary conversation in...

  • Egocides: Macedonio Fernández and the Destruction of the Self

    ESSAY, 2003

    Diego Vecchio

    Macedonio Fernández believed that literature is an encounter between a reader who doesn't read with an author who doesn't write. I.e: a misunderstanding in which author and reader end up...

  • Curiosity

    NON FICTION, 2015

    Alberto Manguel

    Manguel writes about his new work, Curiosity: “Our education systems today refuse to acknowledge the second half of our quests. Interested in little else than material efficiency and...

  • Lima Freak

    NON-FICTION, 2007

    Juan Manuel Robles

    These aren’t success stories, although its protagonists could well compile an inventory of days, months and even years of glory. Neither is this an informative book. Anyone seeking to learn...

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