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  • Curiosity

    NON FICTION, 2015

    Alberto Manguel

    Manguel writes about his new work, Curiosity: “Our education systems today refuse to acknowledge the second half of our quests. Interested in little else than material efficiency and...

  • Lima Freak

    NON-FICTION, 2007

    These aren’t success stories, although its protagonists could well compile an inventory of days, months and even years of glory. Neither is this an informative book. Anyone seeking to learn...

  • Threatened Subjectivities

    NON FICTION, 2013

    Carlos Yushimito

    In this essay, Yushimito presents "a re-reading of the social crisis in the short fiction of Alonso Cueto, Guillermo Niño de Guzmán and Jorge Valenzuela". The story of the...

  • The Traveler, the Tower, and the Worm

    NON FICTION, 2013

    Alberto Manguel

    As far as one can tell, human beings are the only species for which the world seems made up of stories, Alberto Manguel writes. We read the book of the world in many guises: we may be travelers,...

  • Night School

    ESSAY, 2013

    William Ospina

    “The most important knowledge that a human being can achieve can only be found within them. That doesn’t mean that one should grow up indifferent to the world around them, it means...

  • The First Books of Humanity

    NON FICTION 2013

    Fernando Báez

    The First Books of Humanity sets out to explore and recount the history of the book, chronicling its beginnings in the East and long journey to the West. It is a five thousand year old tale that...

  • In search of Bolívar

    NON FICTION, 2010

    William Ospina

    “ As soon as he died, all the rancour was converted into veneration, all the complaints switched to eulogies; all his deeds became legend. Dead, he was no longer a man but a symbol. Latin...

  • Haunted Algebra

    NON FICTION, 2012

    William Ospina

    Of poets and dreamers, of spells and juggling, is made this book of essays. And indeed, as a sorcerer who is adding ingredients to his steaming pot, William Ospina has summoned the magical arts of...

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