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  • Conversations with a Friend

    NON FICTION, 2011

    Alberto Manguel

    Reader, writer, anthologist and translator. Alberto Manguel lives among books. In these conversations with French editor Claude Rouquet, he goes through his experiences and talks about childhood,...

  • Where Is the Yellow Strip?

    ESSAY, 2012

    William Ospina

    In one of his stories, Gabriel Garcia Márquez writes about a man dying of poverty in paradise. Any Colombian, rich or poor, can recognise themselves portrayed there. We have made the...

  • The Magical Lamp

    ESSAY, 2012

    William Ospina

    Four essays on education, and in praise of reading. Our era is paradoxical and exciting, it might be described by Oscar Wilde's words on certain doctors: "They know everything, but that's...

  • Raising Up The Night

    BIOGRAPHY, 2013.

    Carlos María Domínguez

    The Life of Juan Carlos Onetti   This is the first biography of the masterful Uruguayan writer, winner of the Premio Cervantes, Juan Carlos Onetti. Domínguez seeks out the...

  • Geography of the Illusion

    ESSAY, 2011

    Sealtiel Alatriste

    XAVIER VILLAURRUTIA LITERARY AWARD 2011 Are illusions chains or wings longing for freedom? This book of essays comes from the concern to discover the meaning of illusions and the power...

  • It is Too Late For Man

    NON FICTION, 2012

    William Ospina

    Paul Valéry wrote that the two dangers facing society are order and disorder. This text focuses on the order and disorder of contemporary society. It is governed by an idea; that the...

  • All Mexico I-VII

    NON FICTION, 1991-2002

    Elena Poniatowska

    Seven volumes in which are gathered all her works of literary journalism.

  • A Universal History of the Destruction of Books

    NON FICTION, 2013

    Fernando Báez

    There are many histories on and of the book, but there are none devoted to exploring not the creation of book, but its destruction. Nowhere in the world is there a current text on this topic,...

  • Los anarquistas expropiadores

    NON FICTION, 2003

    Osvaldo Bayer

    In early twentieth-century Argentina, anarchist expropriators employed direct, violent means to fund their movement. They used the proceeds to bankroll the production of books, newspapers, and...

  • Rebellious Patagonia

    NON FICTION, 1974

    Osvaldo Bayer

    La Patagonia rebelde (Rebellious Patagonia) provides testimony to the vicious repression and massacre of workers by the army during the Patagonian strikes of 1921. It is also a harsh exposure of...

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