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  • A Well-kept Secret

    NOVEL, 2010

    Viviana Rivero

    Buenos Aires, 2008. The discovery of a manuscript by a young woman who has recently come over from Spain will take her back in time to an impossible love story that defied the prejudices of...

  • The Magic of Life

    NOVEL, 2014

    Viviana Rivero

    The Magic of Life is a brilliant novel about courage and true love, the kind that heals and believes in second chances. Emilia Fernán, a young Argentine journalist, travels to Florence to...

  • The Unspoken

    NOVEL, 2012

    Viviana Rivero

    Set in the vast and windswept landscape of Patagonia, Lo que no se dice (“The Unspoken“) tells the captivating story of two families whose lives interweave time and again over the...

  • The Colours of Happiness

    NOVEL, 2015

    Viviana Rivero

    What’s the price of happiness? In a country in turmoil, a man and a woman are willing to do anything to achieve it. Young Argentine photographer Brisa Giulli travels to Cuba as part of...

  • Yes

    NOVEL, 2017

    Viviana Rivero

    Can a great love twist fate? At the beginning of 1920, Melisa Loyola, daughter of the most renowned tailor in Paris, longs to become a dancer and singer. Since she was a child, she has been...

  • Sapphires in the Skin

    NOVEL, 2018

    Viviana Rivero

    “The woman he had loved so dearly, who had disappeared from his life without a trace, was now standing in front of him with the news that they had had a child together.”   ...

  • The Captain Croce Casebook


    Ricardo Piglia

    The inimitable Captain Croce was a protagonist of one of Ricardo Piglia's major novels, Blanco nocturno ( Target in the Night ). Here, the author returns to the character in a series of hugely...

  • Those Who Come at Night


    Fernanda García Lao

    The beauty of the night includes its underworld. Written in a spontaneous tone, L os que vienen de la noche is a collection of scenes that, when combined, paint a picture of a single night. When...

  • Who Doesn't


    Claudia Piñeiro

    A powerful new story collection from Claudia Piñeiro. These tales portray everyday, familiar situations distorted by oddities that might ordinarily go unnoticed: minor obsessions that twist...

  • Fourteen Fangs

    NOVEL, 2018

    Martín Solares

    During a dark week in 1927, a man is killed under strange circumstances and his body appears in an alley in Paris. The discovery poses a chilling mystery: in addition to the odd color of the...

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