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  • The Sound of H

    NOVEL, 2015

    Magela Baudoin

    NATIONAL PRIZE FOR THE NOVEL IN 2014 (BOLIVIA) This story is a desperate cry. It is the cry of H. One day, Mar and Rafaela, teenagers about to leave school, become friends under unusual...

  • Permanent

    NOVEL, 1993

    Juan José Saer

    In clear, direct prose, the plot of Lo imborrable (Permanent) sees Carlos Tomatis wandering through a ghost town. His meeting with a pair of strange characters, Alfonso and Vilma, brings up a...

  • Twice Unique


    Elena Poniatowska

    A diva and muse in her own right, legendary wife, magnificent cook, stormy tempered mother and tragic widow, María Guadalupe Marín Preciado, Lupe Marín (1895-1983), was a...

  • Don’t Send Flowers

    NOVEL, 2015

    Martín Solares

    Don't Send Flowers tells the story of Carlos Treviño, a former policeman forced to return to the State of Tamaulipas to investigate the disappearance of a wealthy heiress. Beginning in...

  • The Diaries of Emilio Renzi. Formative years

    NOVEL, 2015

    Ricardo Piglia

    Readers of Ricardo Piglia will undoubtedly be familiar with Emilio Renzi, the writer and alter-ego who constantly appears in his novels, at times as the protagonist and others in just a cameo....

  • The Woman of Isla Negra

    NOVEL, 2015

    María Fasce

    In the early 1950s, Elisa and her mother Raquel leave behind their humble home in Temuco and go to Isla Negra to move in with Pablo Neruda in his big house, which looks like an underwater cliff...

  • New Toys of the Cold War

    NOVEL, 2015

    From New York, Iván Morante remembers, or thinks he remembers, his childhood as a ‘pioneering’ student at the Cuban embassy in La Paz. The Berlin Wall had not yet come down and...

  • A Little Stroke of Luck

    NOVEL, 2015

    Claudia Piñeiro

    A woman returns to Argentina twenty years after leaving in disgrace. But she is returning as a different person: she doesn’t look the same and her voice is different. She doesn’t even...

  • With Blood in His Eye

    NOVEL, 2015

    Alejandro Parisi

    With Blood in His Eye is the result of a pact between Alejandro Parisi and Álvaro Balestra. In this novel the writer and detective commence a literary duel: a tough but engaging former...

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